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Armpit pimples and easy ways to cure them

Pimples anywhere on the body lead to major embarrassment, especially on armpits that makes the situation even worse. Dealing those under your arms is not a very pleasant thing, because of several reasons. One, the skin under the arms is not exposed to air and has a higher concentration of sweat glands when compared to the rest of the body. This makes it hard for you to keep the area dry and free from bacteria.

armpit pimples

Two, they cause irritation, pain and a burning sensation which on scratching and touching can worsen. As this particular region of the body is not clearly visible to you, you cannot really make out what is going on. This causes further panic and concern. But relax here, the first thing you should do is not panic under any circumstances. They are fairly easy to treat if you take care of these following practices.

Before you start your treatment, you should thoroughly understand the cause behind their occurrence. If you have the habit of shaving your underarms, you are more likely to suffer from its growth. This is because, shaving causes certain hair follicles to go back into the skin and develop into ingrown hair.

These ingrown hair essentially blocks the pores not allowing the skin to breathe. This in turn encourages bacteria to develop. As a result you see red bumps on your skin a few days after you have shaved that region. So, the best thing to do in such situations is making sure to keep the area dry and sweat free.

The next time you shave, make sure that you use the right kind of shaving cream and razor. Using the right shaving tools and after shave procedure will help you stay away from annoying pimples and flaunt your smooth underarms with flair.

They are also caused by insufficient circulation of air to the armpit region. Blocking of skin pores because of sweat, dirt and other external agents makes the things worse. To avoid them at all costs, you have to adopt a daily routine where you clean your underarms from time to time and maintain enough hygiene standards.

This will not take a lot of time. Even when you are away from home, wipe that region in order to keep rashes at bay. The key is to invest in your hygiene and health religiously. Once you start maintaining a proper skin care routine, you will see great results. For this you don’t have to purchase expensive skin treatment products. Just being aware of the cause and then designing a treatment procedure for yourself should aid you in getting rid of armpit pimples.

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