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Armpit Rash: Cause and Remedies

Rashes are symptoms that cause a particular affected part of the skin to either turn red or go blotchy or swell up. It results into causing spots which are scaly, bumpy, flaky or filled with pus. Their appearances differ in pattern, location or extent and might occur in just about any part on the body. If armpit rashes are taken into account they can happen due to different causes. It might be a sign of something happening in or around the underarm. It can also suggest a complete (body-wide) situation.

Our underarms are one of the most sensitive zones on our body, and quite unfortunately, they are very common and prone to recurrence towards infection. As this region tends to be the warmest of all other body parts, bacteria gets very easily developed here. However, Underarm Rashes are quite easily treatable nowadays, and with some precautionary measures and some basic care, anybody can get totally rid of them.


Why Rashes occur under Armpits?

It is very important to know why this disease happens to someone. It is good to detect the possible causes by inspecting the rash type and when they occur. For instance, if a particular kind of sore appears after one shaves, then he / she must be a victim of razor burn. However, if some rashes appear infrequently, then that can be concluded due to dryness of skin or effect of too much perspiration. They can also occur on wearing clothes washed with the detergent which does not suit a particular body or it can also happen as reactions to some deodorants or anti-perspirants.

It is very important to prevent their recurrence once the possible causes have been detected. That will require healing of the ongoing wound thoroughly. Trying out medicated creams or lotions or powders might heal the rash soon but that also comes with the possibility of increasing the abrasion with further chemical reactions with the underarm area. Tea tree oil or the juice extract of Aloe Vera and vitamin E-enriched lotions are effective in healing them and helps in proper regeneration of healthy skin.


How Rashes Can Be Avoided Easily!

Keeping the underarm region clean is very important to prevent this disease. Regular cleaning of skin is very important and wearing clean clothes washed with harmless chemicals is necessary. One should also be very careful in choosing the deodorants and soaps and depilatory methods. Using one’s own products which suit him or her is safe anytime. If a particular form of sore happens due to exposure to heated conditions, then avoiding exposure to heated conditions and trying to keep underarms cool and clean is advisable for all times. Although cure for this disease is easy, however, prevention should always be preferred.


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