Causes and Preventions for Underarm Boils

A pimple-like bump under your arms can be a very irritating and traumatic experience. At first, it appears as tiny red bumps and eventually develops into a large and painful boils. It is caused by a certain bacteria called staphylococcus which sets in the hair follicles. These bacteria blocks the hair follicles or the pores and infected puss will heighten under the skin causing it to become swollen, inflamed and very painful. Boils can be found in any part of the body that has hair follicles but typically arise in areas such as scalp, face, underarms, thigh, groin, and buttocks.


Skin rashes occur due to excessive friction in this area. Frequent rubbing of clothes and shaving can break and damage the hair follicles leaving it more prone to build up of bacteria under the skin. Applying deodorant after shaving could also lead to increased pimples as it invites bacteria to enter the skin and trap it underneath the skin. Buildup of bacteria typically occurs during extreme temperature as it causes excessive sweating. Other problems related to pimples in axilla are acne, dermatitis, diabetes, and anemia that can increase the threat of bacterial growth.

Underarm BoilsTo treat these sores, consider a simple home remedy before making an appointment with a medical professional.



Although Cornmeal does not contain approved medicinal properties but it has the ability to soak up liquids. This makes it a valuable treatment for this disease. Prepare a pot with boiling water approximately one half cup, and add cornmeal to create a thick paste. Ensure that the cornmeal mush is warm enough to touch and apply it liberally on your skin. After the application, wrap it with a clean cloth and repeat the process every couple of hours until the boil drains.


Cupping a Jar

The use of a small jar or preferably jelly jar has been an old-aged practice to suction the sore. Simply heat a cup in boiling water and take it out after a few minutes. Make sure that the cup is warm enough to touch and cover it to the affected area. This process helps in blood circulation to the area and aids in crushing the pus.



Onions have antiseptic substances that helps eliminate infections. Cut a thick slice of onions and place it over the infected area. Wrap it with a clean cloth and leave it until the sore drains.



The use of eggs has been widespread since thousands of years. To apply, boil an egg and then peel it. Wet the white portion of the egg and apply it straight to the infected area. Then cover with a clean cloth.


These simple steps are reliable only if the problem is not severe. If symptoms persist call your doctor immediately.

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